Updater utility for BlogEngine 2.9

If you want to try new BlogEngine.NET 2.9 beta just released to the public, and planning to upgrade your blog, here is little handy utility you can use. Using it pretty simple, just follow these steps and you'll get your blog upgraded in no time. Well, at least I did - no guarantee it will work for everyone, of course. So please don't skip backup and testing and blame it on me :)

  • Create new folder and copy your current blog files into it. I called mine "be-2.8"
  • Create another folder and copy 2.9 website into it. I called folder "be-2.9"
  • Copy utility executable (download below) at the same directory where you created both 2.8 and 2.9 folders
  • Run utility, select corresponding folders and click "upgrade" button.

If all went well, now you should have be-2.9 folder having new code with your blog's files merged. Test it locally making sure it is ready for deployment. If you use DB provider, adjust web.config to point to your database. All I can say is that I had no issues upgrading this blog.


P.S. I'm not necessarily recommend you pushing beta on your live site, this is just for adventurist types :) At this stage it is a little rough around the edges and for daily work you'll be better off waiting for a final release. BeUpdater.zip (7.8KB)


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