Update on BlogEngine.NET

logo-64.pngPeople keep sending me emails asking if BlogEngine.NET is dead. Not surprisingly, given lack of updates since beginning of 2017. So what's going on? As they say, picture worth a thousand words, this one explains where things stand now pretty accurately.


The graph on top is activity in BlogEngine.NET repository. It has stopped late 2016. Other one is Blogifier, another project that started early 2017. If you pay attention, you notice that number of commits in second graph at its pick three times higher than latest picks in BlogEngine. So the last thing you can blame me is been lazy :) Its just shift in priorities.

Why no activity in BlogEngine.NET? Number of reasons, two main as I see it:

  1. It is no longer little pet project easy to maintain and adopt to new trends
  2. It didn't become a product where maintenance is someone's job

These reasons obviously related, when project becomes large and technology goes forward, it is much more maintenance and far less fun and you need really dedicated group of people to support it. There are lots of other reasons too, together they eventually broke the camel's back. The only activity on BlogEngine currently is security related - and only if there is a need. Obviously, it is still great project with useful features, you can fork it and keep it moving forward if it fits your needs.

For me, main focus now is Blogifier. It is not exactly a successor to BlogEngine, it is different in many ways, but after all it also a blogging project. With it, I'm trying to take all the best from BlogEngine and avoid mistakes made. Hopefully, it all turns out for the best.


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