pbw-2_thumb.png I’ve been playing a lot with Commentor and Waegis lately and got a little tired of having to get to admin page through extensions panel. I wanted a one-click shortcut from the front page. Great laziness usually leads to a lot of work – for me it resulted in spam counter user control. It is complimentary to Commentor and is distributed as part of this extension. To use it, commentor.zip (version 1.2) and then add control to your theme of choice. One caviar here is that for visitors clicking on Commentor link inside spam counter will load post about this extension, while for admin it will load Commentor’s admin control panel. This way, you don’t have to go to settings/commentor/edit – it’ll save you whole two clicks! :)

To add control to the theme:

  1. Locate where exactly you want spam counter to show up. It can be side bar, footer or whatever – depends on your creativity.
  2. In that page (usually it will be site.master in your theme folder) add this line as a second line in the file:
<%@ Register TagPrefix="pbw" TagName="PoweredByWaegis" src="~/User controls/Commentor/PoweredByWaegis.ascx" %>
  1. In place where you want spam counter to show up, add this:
<pbw:PoweredByWaegis ID="poweredByWaegis" runat="server" />

That’s it. If you want to customize look and feel, go to /User controls/Commentor/PowerdByWaegis.ascx and change it to look the way you want it.