Quick update on 1.3 release

BlogEngine 1.3 has been released this weekend, so now I can take a deep breath and relax a little. Last couple of weeks I've been torn between two deadlines, one on Extension Manager rushing into 1.3 and another on my day job. One down, one to go...Last night I upgraded my blog to 1.3, so now it runs on latest and greatest code base. Not sure if I followed best practises, but it did work so for those curious these are the steps I followed:

  1. I set both new 1.3 web install and my 1.2 blog run locally (you do back up you blog regularly, right?)
  2. Merged App_Data from 1.2 to 1.3, specifically checking for new additions in settings.xml, and made sure 1.3 runs fine with this data.
  3. Copied my custom theme and made sure everything looks the same.
  4. Copied custom extensions and controls that I'm using and made sure they all work locally.
  5. Removed 1.2 from host server and uploaded local 1.3 to the server. Should be using Offline.htm, but I didn't. Took 5 to 10 minutes to migrate.

That's it. Please note that I'm using XML data provider, you'll need to check out excellent upgrade guide on Al's blog if you are using SQL data provider.


I did have to make few adjustments along the road to that custom stuff, noticeably switch some extensions from using EventArgs to use CancelEventArgs, but at large everything went pretty smoothly and, once set up locally, required no changes for host server (except removing trust level line which I new I'll have to do in advance). Shamefully, I forgot to fix my own Mp3 Player extension - look here if you'll have problem with yours.

So, what's next? First off all, I need to put together some documentation on our Wiki page. Then, I'd like to hear from people using Extension Manager what they think and want. I have tons of ideas how to make it better, but it always nice to have a reality check from others ;)I've also started on new version of Mp3 Player that will be sort of example on how you can create your own custom admin page for extension that still utilizes Extension Manager. It will have customizable properties that you'll be able to change from admin panel, like colors etc. Next in the queue are couple small extensions that all will be using Manager, and few gadgets that I really need to make some routine updates to the site be a lot easier. I'll be putting them all for download here so check back soon. Till then - Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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