Picasa and PrettyPhoto updated for BlogEngine.NET 2.0

picasaextlogo_thumb.pngI have updated Picasa extension for BlogEngine.NET 2.0. If you haven’t use it before, take a look at instructions here, the way it works didn’t change much. I made it better match new admin UI, but functionality stays very much the same.

It used to utilize Lightbox as JS container to pop-up picture in the pretty frame, I decided to change it to use PrettyPhoto instead. Main reason is that I’m still planning to implement slideshow that original theme I’m using implements, and it based on PrettyPhoto library, so I’ll go with it. I’ll probably convert Lightbox for BE 2.0 anyway because it is pretty much the same process I went through with PrettyPhoto.

You most likely want to use both together, installations is simple – download and copy files to corresponding location in your website. Picasa folder has sample styles in Readme.txt – you can copy those to your theme and may be modify to match it. Enter your Gmail credentials in Picasa settings page, and all your albums should be listed like this:

picasaadmin_thumb.pngPrettyPhoto seems to have issue with IE 9, I’m looking into way to make it work there. Otherwise it works well. But if you already have Lightbox up and running, you might opt to use it with Picasa. The only change you would have to make is open Picasa/Admin.aspx.cs App_Code/Extensions/Picasa2.cs and replace “prettyPhoto” with “lightbox” in exactly one place. Just search for this word and replace it. When I get Lightbox working, I’ll probably add a way to choose between two in Picasa settings. To use Picasa, copy album (or slide show) link listed as tag in that settings table and paste it anywhere in the post or page. Result should be something like test album below. Drop a line here if you run into issue.





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