Looking at stats in several BlogEngine.Net 1.6 based sites, it seems like Akismet scores around 80% in accuracy on average, killing some 8 out of 10 spam comments. Which is pretty good but not outstanding. "Stop forum spam" filter blocks may be another 5%. Still, quite a lot of spam comments get through the filters. You can eliminate most of automated spam by adding captcha to your site, but it does require some basic skills and time. May be, given a surge in recent spam bots activity, it is time to include captcha to the main distribution out of the box? Also, number of enhancements to the current comment management have been suggested in the forum and few bugs found that need to be fixed. I think I might put together a little patch that improves and polishes comment management. Here is my to-do list, if you see good fit - feel free to add your suggestion.

  • Integrate captcha control with option to enable/disable.
  • Do not generate email if added comment marked as spam
  • Spammers IP automatically added to the filter with "delete" action (black list)
  • If admin restores comment, IP and email added to the filter (white list)
  • Add option to show/hide pingbacks and trackbacks in the comments list
  • Fix comment counter in the post footer (spam doesn’t count)
  • Fix spam messing recent comments widget #
  • Add "Delete all spam" button
  • Disable action buttons when grid filter applied
  • Make "author" field editable
  • Integrate with intense debate or disqus to provide an option to outsource comments all together?