mailr_thumb.png Thanks to the magic of Metaweblog API and BlogMailr service, you can email posts to BlogEngine just as easily as publishing them from Windows Live Writer, Word or iPhone.  Here is what you need to do. Open personal account with BlogMailr, it only takes few minutes and it is free for personal use. Once your account setup you'll be able to add blogs to it. You have to provide user id and password so that BlogMailr can auto-login and publish posts on your blog.


When you get an error as seen above, select "custom" in the “blogging software” drop down that will appear and enter your service endpoint, which is (replace "" with your real URL). BlogMailr should have no problem talking to your blog now.

Each blog added to your account will get generated email address. When you send email from your registered to this generated email account, this email will be published to your site and confirmation will be emailed back to you. The “from” address is important, if you put something else in the “from” – you’ll get email about unauthorized publish attempt.


This feature is easy to setup and use, but it has its problems. First of all, email client is not the best HTML editor and you might run into limitations with inserting pictures, formatting etc – depending on client you use. Also, BlogMailr does not provide real-time experience. It looks like this service uses scheduled job that fires once in half an hour or so, and you usually will see your post published in 10-20 minutes after email has been sent. But if you are a road worrier and like to do stuff on the go, or microblogging is your thing – it can become a valuable tool in your arsenal.