How to add Woopra to your blog

woopra_thumb.pngLots of people use Google Analytics to track user statistics on the blog. If you one of them, there is another tool you might be interesting in – something called “Woopra”. Although Analytics are cool, Woopra excels in real-time tracking – it literally shows what is going on your blog right now. Just take a look at the picture below – you can see how many people are browsing through your blog, what pages they on, searches used to bring them in, referring sites and more. And it is all real-time, you can see people coming and leaving. Pretty fun stuff.


This will probably work with any blogging software, definitely works nicely with BlogEngine. Simply create account with Woopra, they will give you a tracking script similar to how Analytics does. It is recommended you add this script to your header section (admin/settings/custom code/html head section) but I suspect it will work if added to “tracking script” section just as well. There is size limitation for free version, 30,000 “actions” per month, but that should fit any casual blog easily. You can also buy premium if your blog suddenly goes into the stratosphere.


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