Going Vegas

snap3.pngDon’t be jealous – I haven’t had real vacation for more than three years now, since my kids were born. These few days in Vegas are well deserved! I’m leaving early Saturday and will be back Wednesday, hopefully in one piece and not much poorer. And I’ve done everything I’ve promised: Dark Blog is up and running and Mp3 Player got face lift and don’t choke in IE any more. What more do you want? No, seriously…

In case you didn’t notice, I “enhanced” this site with SnapShots. If it annoys you too much, you can easily turn it off by opting “disable” in the upper right corner any pop-up that jumps when you hover over some of the links (you’ll have to delete cookies to re-enable it again if you’ll get bored afterwards). I can turn it off all together if you’ll start complaining, but so far I’m more like having fun with these little guys. It took about five minutes total to register and set it up, so if you are into this kind of things go ahead and add it to your own blog, it is really that simple.

snap4.pngAfter I get that well earned rest, I’m going to dig dipper into BlogEngine extensibility features, I have few ideas that might turn out to be fruitful. But till then, I’m packing my suitcases and preparing for the different kind of fun. If airlines won’t screw it (and I’ve heard they become really good in it lately).


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