Email subscription


Chris Blankenship came up with an initiative to start emailsubscription for administrators who have BlogEngine deployed on there websites.This can be useful for anybody who wants to stay on top of any important newsabout BlogEngine, not just sysadmins, so I would encourage folks to sign up.This is purely community effort – which, in my opinion, is great. There isgoing to be a new community site in the near future, but before it materializes,I glad to see when someone stands up.

I see great potential here, BE need to push it harder to becomesort of a hub for each blog instance out there, not only providing serviceslike subscriptions by exposing set of APIs, but also letting people to interactin p2p manner, using their blogs as part of BE network. We all can benefit fromthis. If anyone has ideas and proposals in this direction – share yourthoughts!


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