DarkBlog theme refreshed for BE 1.5

db15_thumb.pngJust finished refreshing my old DarkBlog theme to run under newest BlogEngine 1.5 release. It has been neglected for quiet some time now, I had to add widgets support, nested comments and few tweaks here and there to play nice with new features added to BlogEngine since version 1.3 when this theme was introduces. It looks pretty good with standard “welcome” post, but when tested with my own blog content, some things do not look right. Nothing is wrong with theme though, the problem is content itself - which prompted me to write a note to myself:

Blog content should be generic

If you want your blog content to be portable – and you likely do – try to use generic HTML tags and nothing else as much as possible. What I mean is, don’t use “span class=…” oh, God forbid, “span style=…” inside of your post. Try to stick with standard, generic HTML tags. It will pay off when you decide to change theme or move your content to another blog provider etc.



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