Blogifier 2.5 Released

Main change in this release is moving to decoupled architecture, with APIs providing access to front-end clients. It is not "headless" - there web application with administration and content management, but blog itself can be anything. By default, Blogifier uses Angular as front-end tool of choice. But there can be React or mobile clients pulling from the same back-end APIs if someone wants to implement it.

Here is upgrade instructions - note warning about loosing existing theme. If not happy with that, stay away from this upgrade. Personally, I find Angular skills useful for .NET developers and that was the main driver for choosing it over other frameworks. And trying few of them, I honestly found Angular much easier than most seems to think. Maybe it is just because of my background, but I had harder time using Vue than Angular, go figure. But in any case, if you like something else, go for it.

There are definitely some disadvantages in this approach too, for example, if you running blog not in the domain root like but as sub-application, like - you would need to rebuild Angular theme with base pointing to the /blog or relative URLs won't work. This probably can be resolved with some work around later. But mostly I like having front-end decoupled and script-based, so no need to recompile and recycle application to customize it on the fly. And it feels more light-weight and responsive.


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