The Big Reshuffle

I thought it will take a whole lot more, but it was surprisingly easy. The big restructure I wanted to do for the Blogifier repository took just a couple of days to complete; splitting into multiple repositories, cleaning and making it all work with each other and publishing to as reusable libraries.

Angular Theme for Blogifier - Dynamic Data

Angular Theme for Blogifier - Dynamic Data. To streamline development, I'm going to use data service from existing Blogifier theme. So I go and grab it from here and copy to `src/app/core`. One thing to fix right away is to modify environment files to include API endpoint required by service I just imported. Because our theme uses public APIs, we can point it to any Blogifier instance.

Blogifier 2.1 Released

Tonight I released Blogifier 2.1. I also installed it on couple sites that I'm going to support moving forward. Having multiple instances running in production environment puts a lot of restrictions, because support and maintenance on the live site takes a lot of time and effort.


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