Facebook Page Like Widget

Not been a Facebook junkie, I ran into [this post](http://www.ninjacode.com.br/post/2011/03/22/Facebook-Like-Box-no-BlogEngineNet.aspx) in Portuguese (thanks Bing translator) and found that people apparently like to add pages to Facebook and share them with friends.

Flickr Widget Updated

Few people mentioned that my [FlickrBar](http://rtur.net/blog/post/2008/03/24/BlogEngine-Widgets-Tutorial.aspx) widget for [BlogEngine.Net](http://dotnetblogengine.net/) got out of sync with Widgets framework after framework got interface change. I have updated widget to work with latest releases including 1.6.0 and 1.6.1, you can download it using link below.

Simple Widget Tutorial

Feedjit is a service that provides live traffic feed for your site. It is easy to set up – you copy chunk of HTML and insert it into your blog’s markup. That is, if you know HTML and used to editing files in your blog, which shouldn’t be a requirement for average blogger. This is why popular blog providers supply [Feedjit widgets](http://feedjit.com/join/) – so that blogger does not have to edit files by hand and FTP them to the host. In this little exercise we create such a widget for BlogEngine.


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