Post Paging Extension

I was going to write that no such functionality exists but probably easy to add. But then I though just how easy it really would be? So I fired up Visual Studio and about half an hour later I got functioning plugin that does exactly what requested.

Jcarousel extension for BlogEngine

This new extension for BlogEngine will let you save images for multiple albums and display any album in carousel-like fashion in your posts and pages using jCarousel plugin for jQuery. It is light-weight and pretty easy to use. I reused code from NivoSlider as foundation, making few improvements and adding ability to create thumbnail images on the fly

How to use NivoSlider with BlogEngine

I have updated [NivoSlider extension]( this weekend to support edit/re-upload functionality which can be helpful if you maintain large number of images and sometimes need to make changes. Below is a short screencast that demonstrates installing NivoSlider, adding it to the post and adding new image to the slider.

Tutorial - Building NivoSlider Extension (Part 4)

BlogEngine uses NuGet format for sharing extensions. NuGet package in a nutshell is a ZIP containing files you want to share with some metadata NuGet uses internally. The easiest way to create a package is to use [Package Explorer]( Download and install this small application on your local machine, then click to run as any regular Windows application.

Tutorial - Building NivoSlider Extension (Part 3)

What we need next is to save metadata for each picture used by every slider, and also we need to be able to add and delete all these records. Extension settings are standard way of doing it in BlogEngine - you declare what kind of data you want to maintain, set initial values and first time extension runs it will instantiate settings object and save it on the back-end.

This is hot!

Sorry about post title, could not resist :) You probably saw these "new" and "hot" links next to list items all over the place. Something was added or updated and it makes sense to put an indicator that clearly shows this. I wanted to do it for [list of extensions]( on [BlogEngine]( site, so that when something new added anyone could see it right away, because list is pretty large.

Building custom plugin for TinyMCE

My previous post was about awesome code syntax highlighter JS library I have converted into extension for [BlogEngine]( and no so awesome button I’ve added to [TinyMCE]( to insert code snippets. Let’s make it better by building custom plugin that will let us select language and enter actual code in the pop-up window eliminating messing up with [TinyMCE]( editor itself.

Syntax Highlighter extension for BlogEngine

There are several implementations of this extension for [BlogEngine](, but I wanted it to work with [latest JS library]( and be more configurable. And also I wanted it play well with [TinyMCE]( - yes, it might come as a shock but some people don't use [Windows Live Writer]( I don't know why... So, if you go through usual routine downloading and moving files to corresponding location (you’ll need to overwrite couple) this is what you’ll get.

How to switch Commentor from Waegis to Akismet

If you are using Commentor with Waegis like I do, you probably got email about [Waegis suspending services]( for uncertain time this coming Friday (September 4th). Waegis served me well all this time and blocked hundreds of spam comments helping to keep this site reasonably clean.

Digsby widget for BlogEngine

I've got email from user having issues with embedding HTML snippet into BlogEngine's page. Not really sure what was wrong with that tag, because I have never get to test it. Why? Because it is sometimes easier to add simple extension or widget than to deal with row HTML when it comes to BlogEngine.

Picasa with HighSlide

If you are using [Picasa extension]( I published while back you might want to take a look at another choice and try to use [HighSlide]( JavaScript library instead of the [LightBox](


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