Laying out nested DIVs with CSS

Tell me what you want, but CSS is twisted. Some simple basic tasks that should be no-brainer sometimes make you throw things and say words you later deeply regret. Usually people use IE6 as lightning rod, sadly even if you don't care about IE6 anymore CSS still will find ways to hurt you.

Porting WordPress theme to BlogEngine

Cool thing about open source is sharing. You give some - you get some. When it comes to themes, there are tons of great free designs out there on the web for applications like blogs.Some of them are generic CSS templates, others specifically designed for popular open source projects like WordPress.

Fixed vs. fluid CSS layout

People are arguing about which layout is better since web exists. Some like it fixed, others prefer it fluid (or [elastic]( I always used fluid layouts, mostly because I really hate to see narrow column with unreadable small text on the screen with large resolution - and I used to see it a lot.

Throwing a punch

Just read a great article at [coding horror]( on becoming a good blogger. It says that it takes at least a year to even get noticed and main peace of advice is to keep punching and feel good about it.


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