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How to convert theme to BlogEngine.NET part 2

Search Magnifier This is a second in the series of tutorials on theme building with BlogEngine (go to part one). This time I’ll get search functionality up and running. BlogEngine has search widget and server-side control to add search really easy to the blog, but for some themes it does not fit well with design and you want to go manual. Fortunately, it is not hard. More...

How to convert theme to BlogEngine.NET

boldy With summer behind us, you might want to change things a little bit to celebrate a new season. Like buy a new shoes or, may be, change a theme on the blog. I decided to do the later. My schedule is quiet busy, so I’ll do it in several steps and will share tips, tricks and findings with anybody interested.
I’m running relatively recent build of BlogEngine from source, but new theme should work fine with 1.6.x.x. Let me know if it doesn’t for you and I’ll do adjustments as needed. To start, I went looking for catchy free theme, no kind in particular - any design can be adopted to BlogEngine pretty easily. This WP theme looked pretty good to me. Below I’ll try to document adoption process step by step. More...

How To Contribute Code To BlogEngine.NET


BlogEngine is a CodePlex-based project and uses Mercurial as source control. Most of described below equally applied to any CodePlex project that uses Mercurial. Here is step-by-step what you need to do to share your code on CodePlex. More...

Flickr Widget Updated


Few people mentioned that my FlickrBar widget for BlogEngine.Net got out of sync with Widgets framework after framework got interface change. I have updated widget to work with latest releases including 1.6.0 and 1.6.1, you can download it using link below. Instruction on how to use are dead simple: move files in the corresponding location and widget will pop up as an option in the zone dropdown. Go to “edit” and enter what kind of photos you want streamed down to your blog, set number of photos to display, may be change CSS (for example, use “padding:2px” to get gaps between pictures). You can see end result on the right side bar in my blog.

FlickrBar.zip (38.25 kb)

This is hot!


Sorry about post title, could not resist :) You probably saw these "new" and "hot" links next to list items all over the place. Something was added or updated and it makes sense to put an indicator that clearly shows this. I wanted to do it for list of extensions on BlogEngine site, so that when something new added anyone could see it right away, because list is pretty large. And I don’t want to maintain it afterwards, that image should go away when it is not “hot” anymore, all by itself. How hard is this with BlogEngine and .NET? Walk in the park: More...

Desktop vs Web Email Clients

email About a month ago I re-discovered that you can actually run email client on desktop and unexpectedly liked it. That is odd - I distinctly remember some kind of pain associated with this activity in the recent past, so I tried to sort this out. Mainly for myself, but may be someone else will find this useful or amusing. Desktop client I'm talking about is Windows Live Mail. It is free and light weight, generally you install it with new OS as part of Essentials package. More...

Disqus and reCaptcha integrated with BlogEngine


image All improvements to comment management outlined in this post completed and now available in source control, so if you wish to give it a test drive I really interested in your feedback. This includes both Disqus and reCaptcha integration (credits go to Hamish Graham and Filip Stanek respectively. The plan is to make it finalized and available for download as service pack or optional update in the next couple weeks. By then, there are going to be testing, refactoring an clean up but hopefully no major changes. More...

How to add folder with mp3 files to music library

image Friend of mine sent me course of lectures recorded as mp3 files. All files untagged and named alphabetically. I decided to add folder to my music library to listen it on iPod. Should be easy. Now, here is a quick quiz: what will happen if you open some popular music management software, say iTunes or Zune, and do “add folder to the library” thing? More...

Improving comment management


Looking at stats in several BlogEngine.Net 1.6 based sites, it seems like Akismet scores around 80% in accuracy on average, killing some 8 out of 10 spam comments. Which is pretty good but not outstanding. "Stop forum spam" filter blocks may be another 5%. Still, quite a lot of spam comments get through the filters. More...

Custom Filters in BlogEngine 1.6


Spam comments are annoying and sometimes looking at comment allowed by Akismet or some other anti-spam service you think – I’m sure I would do better. It is just so hard to get the plumbing in or I would made my very own solution. With BlogEngine.Net 1.6 it is not, you can easily implement your own anti-spam filter or add existing if you like it more than built-in Akismet. Here is how. More...