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MP3 Player


This BlogEngine extension is based on widely popular flash player used in Audio Player Wordpress plugin.


  • Simple, powerful, configurable flash mp3 player for all your audio needs. Streams mp3 audio files right from the blog posts and pages.


  • Audio only, will not play video mp3 files.
  • Mp3 only, no other audio formats supported.



  1. Download latest version form dnbegallery.org
  2. Rename downloaded file from Mp3Player.nupkg to Mp3Player.zip and extract files using any archive manager.
  3. Merge content of the “content” folder into root of your blog site.  

You are all set!


  1. Create a blog post. Add this line anywhere in the post: [ mp3:test.mp3 ]  (no gaps)
  2. Save and look at the place in the post where you added markup. If everything went well, here is what you should see:

  3. Upload more files into the audio directory and use them in you posts with: [ mp3:your file name.mp3 ] substituting "your file name.mp3" with actual file name.
  4. To customize player look, navigate to Extensions tab in the admin console and change any values in the settings page for the mp3player extension:


Upgrade from 1.x.x

  1. Delete ~/App_Code/Extensions/mp3player.cs
  2. Delete ~/User controls/mp3player
  3. Delete ~/App_Data/datastore/extensions/mp3player.xml file
  4. Move your mp3 files from ~/audio folder into ~/Media/mp3
  5. Install extension as described in “Installation” section above