dfMarine - updated

dfmrn-1 The dfMarine theme has been updated with sliding widgets. No, I did not become a [w:jQuery] expert just yet - it is mostly courtesy of Chris Blankenship, I used his AnimatedCollapse extension and it did the job exactly the way I wanted. I did run into problem with [W:jQuery] using “$” function, it has a conflict with other JS I run on my site where this same thing used a little bit differently. But it was easy enough to ask jQuery switch to using “$j” instead, so that conflict was happily resolved. More...

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dfMarine – new theme for BlogEngine

screenshot With Christmas just around the corner I wanted to share something good with BE community to keep the spirit alive :) I hope you’ll like this new theme, it is widgets ready and should work fine with BE 1.4 and up. I think I covered all (or almost all) widgets in CSS, so it should look decent with your site out of the box. One thing I left out is accordion for side bar – all those widgets on the right should slide up and down on title click. Mostly because I want to finally get into jQuery and this is as good reason for me as any to get started, so I’ll upgrade it to accordion when I’ll become proficient enough with this JavaScript library. More...

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Picasa SlideShow for BlogEngine

picasa-5 I'm a long time Picasa fan. I used it before it was bought by Google and even before I new what the Google is. Now at version 3.0, although not as popular as Flickr, Picasa is a great choice as desktop photo manager and it's Web Albums is a valuable online photo storage. Web albums itself is nice classy web application with pretty good flash slide show. You can even get a code to embed slide show (or photo) into your own blog, which works great for occasional use, but can be daunting if you plan regular photo posts. More...

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Spam counter control

pbw-2 I’ve been playing a lot with Commentor and Waegis lately and got a little tired of having to get to admin page through extensions panel. I wanted a one-click shortcut from the front page. Great laziness usually leads to a lot of work – for me it resulted in spam counter user control. It is complimentary to Commentor and is distributed as part of this extension. To use it, download latest (version 1.2) and then add control to your theme of choice. One caviar here is that for visitors clicking on Commentor link inside spam counter will load post about this extension, while for admin it will load Commentor’s admin control panel. This way, you don’t have to go to settings/commentor/edit – it’ll save you whole two clicks! :) More...

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Commentor - new extension for BlogEngine

commentor-1 Commentor is a new BlogEngine extension that should make your life a little easier when you have problem with spam comments. At first, I simply wanted to try existing extension to filter spam. My intention was to use anti-spam service as automated moderator and workflow for the task supposed to be pretty simple and look somewhat like this: More...

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Fighting spam with Waegis

spam4Are you getting a lot of spam lately? BlogEngine has built-in filter and it worked just fine for me up until now. But for the last couple of months I got some spam getting through. Not a hole lot yet and sources seem to be pretty obvious so that I probably could’ve easily block it myself with simple home-made solution, but I decided to use it as an opportunity to take a look at big boy’s spam fighting machines. More...

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Securing images in Asp.Net

sshot-33This post is a sequel to Keeping things private and will explain how to secure images so that only authenticated users can see them. This is relevant when you want to publish private album on the web. All image files in the web application are viewable by default, you can right-click any image to see information about it in the properties, you can load image into browser directly (just type in http://rtur.net/blog/pics/rssbutton.gif for example), you can download any image by saving it to the local drive etc. Obviously, with private albums you don’t want this kind of behavior. More...

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Keeping things private


Blogging is all about openness, spreading and sharing. Most likely you want as many eyeballs on you blog as possible and blogging software, naturally, optimized for doing just that. But what if you want to keep things private? May be you keep your personal diary online because you want to have access to it from anywhere or you want members only blog for friends or family? Yes this is true that you might look for alternative first and get specialized software, but if you already feel comfortable with BlogEngine, well, you know that story about hammer and nail, right? More...

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Writing extensions for BlogEngine 1.4 (part 4)


Default admin interface for extensions in BlogEngine works fine in most cases and very easy to use. But sometimes you just got to get creative, right? That means, you want no limits. Obviously, some of simplicity will be lost – but still it is surprisingly easy to get along using plug-and-play BlogEngine architecture. Lets say, we ran into nice DHTML color picker and want to use it in the admin page for our extension. We want admin page look like this picture – it should allow us to enter a word, size and color. This values will be saved in the extension manager, so we don’t have to deal with databases or file system – usual BE stuff. And when you click “Color picker” button, nice color picker will show up and you can visually select value for a color. More...

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Writing extensions for BlogEngine 1.4 (part 3)

Lets say we want to write an extension to track user activities on our site. Blogger should be able to set basic settings, for example choose to track  posts, pages or both. Then every time user requests post or page, we increment corresponding counter by one. Look at the picture above. Its clear that we need two sets of settings: one for post/page options and another to list user activity.



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