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Some Thoughts on Spam

spamI’ve been experimenting with different configurations for spam protection lately and want to share results which may be interesting to other bloggers.More...

Disqus and reCaptcha integrated with BlogEngine


image All improvements to comment management outlined in this post completed and now available in source control, so if you wish to give it a test drive I really interested in your feedback. This includes both Disqus and reCaptcha integration (credits go to Hamish Graham and Filip Stanek respectively. The plan is to make it finalized and available for download as service pack or optional update in the next couple weeks. By then, there are going to be testing, refactoring an clean up but hopefully no major changes. More...

Improving comment management


Looking at stats in several BlogEngine.Net 1.6 based sites, it seems like Akismet scores around 80% in accuracy on average, killing some 8 out of 10 spam comments. Which is pretty good but not outstanding. "Stop forum spam" filter blocks may be another 5%. Still, quite a lot of spam comments get through the filters. More...