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How to add folder with mp3 files to music library

image Friend of mine sent me course of lectures recorded as mp3 files. All files untagged and named alphabetically. I decided to add folder to my music library to listen it on iPod. Should be easy. Now, here is a quick quiz: what will happen if you open some popular music management software, say iTunes or Zune, and do “add folder to the library” thing? More...

How to migrate to IIS 7 on GoDaddy


This post more accurately should’ve been called "how NOT to migrate to IIS 7". To migrate from IIS 6 to IIS 7 on GoDaddy all you need is to push "upgrade to IIS 7" button in the control panel. Sweet, right? Actually, this is the last thing you want to do. Because once you done it, your site goes down right away and your new shiny IIS 7 site will come up in... well, not sure yet. In my case, it is 5 days and counting. More...

About Open Source .NET Projects

And why they don’t take over the world. If you ever wonder about it, you probably already came up with perfectly good explanation. I’ve heard and read quite a few and agree with most of them, but still want to add my two cents. IMO, in open source there are generally two kinds of approaches. More...

Commentor – new version

ctor-4 After using Commentor for almost three month now, I’m refreshing it with new version based on users feedback and my own experience. It saved me a lot of time so far catching almost 200 spam comments that I would have to remove manually otherwise. Even though I’m very satisfied with how it works, I hope new and improved version will be much better. Here is some of the key features that has been added or changed. More...

Firefox 3 and Silverlight

Yesterday newly installed Firefox 3 crashed on me at least 10 times, which, I believe, is a new world record (ha-ha). It could be because I am visiting a lot of Microsoft-centric sites that often run Silverlight. It looks like Silverlight 1.0 does not work in FF3 at all and Silverlight 2.0 kills it. Or vice-versa. Lovely... At the end, I had to drop to IE 6 (tough without tabs, but works fine). So, where does it put Silverlight and who is to blame? Specially considering the fact that problem with compatibility was known long ago and existed since early betas?

It doesn’t matter, everybody is a looser. Firefox – because it is crashes. Microsoft – because it’s cross platform/cross browser technology did not cross anything yet (very limited on Linux, still not working in Opera despite promises etc.). Average Jo – because “internet is broken”.

What's up?

Small little tiny but mostly good things. More...

USB flash drive stopped working

I use thumb flash drives quite a lot moving between computers. It is still much faster to load a gig or two from the flash drive than to use Skydrive or other "cloud" alternative. For the most part it is painless - stick it in and OS will find and mount it, no setup requires. But one day perfectly good USB drive stopped working all of the sudden on one specific computer. It works fine on the others and other USBs work fine on that computer too. What's going on? More...

To host or not to host?

Running public web site from your basement is unprofessional. I know that. For a couple years I'm running my own internet facing toy server at home as a sandbox project. Let me tell you - I'm still working on that 99.99999% uptime. 5-6 times a year my house loosing power, sometimes it comes back right away but it doesn't matter - server is going down and patiently awaiting me coming back from work. This alone means realistically 40-50 hours downtime a year. Sometimes it looks like my ISP goes down, too (may be he also running from the basement?) and I have to reset router to be able to connect again. Yet dependency on external DNS (I use DYNDns). And don't forget that you'll need to maintain it, patch, upgrade software, install new stuff with many-many reboots when you counting it year long. All that put together, and you got totally unreliable site that is constantly, chronically down. More...

Documentation for Extension Manager

Developers don't like to write documentation. There is nothing one can do about it. Yet, no matter how many great features you add to the project, no one will use them if they not well documented and easily discoverable. There is no special department for document writers on the open source projects (alas), so man has to do what the man has to do...

It is work in progress, but I promise to put extra effort and catch up on all features I've been doing for BlogEngine before 1.4 will be released some time late spring. I'll maintain documents both on Wiki and this site, in the future Wiki will have documentation on current release and this site will have latest on new features that will be rolled out to the Wiki when new release will become available.

Strategy pattern in C#


Do you use design patterns in your daily development? You probably should, and if you don't you might start with reading some books on the subject. I would suggest one from Head First series, although not everybody is a big fan of this book. But I found it fun and easy reading that can trigger your curiosity and encourage you to dig dipper. It is written for Java developers, but language samples presented in the book are minimal and, if you don't understand Java, you can refer to this project for C# translation. More...