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Blacklist added to Commentor


Some people complain about Akismet not killing spam as effectively as they would like or hope. I think Akismet doing fine job identifying spam bots, but recently a lot of it coming from real people trying to make a little extra money, and those are challenging to deal with. Sometimes I get totally valid comment and the only odd thing about it is that guy’s name is “buy cheap watches” or something like it. It is tough to filter out programmatically. Probably, the best solution for a moment is similar counter-move when people tired of spam come together and create list of known spammers so that spam blocking applications can use it. More...

How to switch Commentor from Waegis to Akismet

PwdByAkismet If you are using Commentor with Waegis like I do, you probably got email about Waegis suspending services for uncertain time this coming Friday (September 4th). Waegis served me well all this time and blocked hundreds of spam comments helping to keep this site reasonably clean. I hope it will find a way to get back soon, meanwhile you might want to flip the switch and start using Akismet as your primary anti-spam service. Here what I did to get Akismet up and running. More...

Commentor – new version

ctor-4 After using Commentor for almost three month now, I’m refreshing it with new version based on users feedback and my own experience. It saved me a lot of time so far catching almost 200 spam comments that I would have to remove manually otherwise. Even though I’m very satisfied with how it works, I hope new and improved version will be much better. Here is some of the key features that has been added or changed. More...

Spam counter control

pbw-2 I’ve been playing a lot with Commentor and Waegis lately and got a little tired of having to get to admin page through extensions panel. I wanted a one-click shortcut from the front page. Great laziness usually leads to a lot of work – for me it resulted in spam counter user control. It is complimentary to Commentor and is distributed as part of this extension. To use it, download latest (version 1.2) and then add control to your theme of choice. One caviar here is that for visitors clicking on Commentor link inside spam counter will load post about this extension, while for admin it will load Commentor’s admin control panel. This way, you don’t have to go to settings/commentor/edit – it’ll save you whole two clicks! :) More...

Commentor - new extension for BlogEngine

commentor-1 Commentor is a new BlogEngine extension that should make your life a little easier when you have problem with spam comments. At first, I simply wanted to try existing extension to filter spam. My intention was to use anti-spam service as automated moderator and workflow for the task supposed to be pretty simple and look somewhat like this: More...