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BlogEngine.NET now at version 1.6

be16 After few delays new version of BlogEngine.Net has been released. Although this release is mostly incremental with minimum breaking changes, there are quite a few improvements, enhancements and bug fixes to make it worthwhile for those stuck on previous versions to upgrade. Upgrade instructions can be found here, and you can download new version from the project site on CodePlex. More...

Some Thoughts on Poll Results


resultsOne real surprise for me was that not many people use BlogEngine as their sandbox and playground. To me as a developer from the beginning it was mostly a toy and only over time it grew up into something bigger with responsibilities attached, so I’m sort of impressed. It seems like what most folks really want is a stable mature product with great features and scalability built it. There is understandable desire for cool new tech on part of some but most seems really care about how it serve their blogging needs (ye, I know, shocking…). So in the end it looks to me like loud and clear call to power along with demand for more advanced and polished tools and features.

In the search of mobile theme

mobile Largely as a result of iPhone revolution, mobile devices today more wide spread and connected to the web than ever. It is increasingly important for web sites to look good on the small screen to attract mobile users. BlogEngine.Net has mobile theme that looks ok, but we need more and better. I’ve been looking for options and played a little with some of the frameworks available for other platforms. There are some interesting development, and I’m interested in doing more here. As first experiment, I updated my previous iPhone admin add-on and combined it with simple but fully functional mobile theme. It got a list of categories on front page, from where you navigate to the posts. You can also login and publish posts using admin add-on that became part of the theme. Take a look at screen shots, they are pretty self-explanatory. More...

BlogEngine.net and where YOU want it to go

This poll is not official and may be a little early, but it will provide BlogEngine team with some ideas on where we all, as a community, want to move. Are we looking for Wordpress.net? NewCrazyCool.net? Something in between? Please share your opinions and thoughts, it's all greatly appreciated. More we know, easier it is to make decisions and change gears. You can vote either using poll in the side bar or following the link. Feel free to drop a comment if you think of other options or just want to let everybody know what's on your mind. Don't be too harsh though, it still Christmas ;)

How to email posts to BlogEngine

mailr Thanks to the magic of Metaweblog API and BlogMailr service, you can email posts to BlogEngine just as easily as publishing them from Windows Live Writer, Word or iPhone.  Here is what you need to do. Open personal account with BlogMailr, it only takes few minutes and it is free for personal use. Once your account setup you'll be able to add blogs to it. You have to provide user id and password so that BlogMailr can auto-login and publish posts on your blog. More...

Building custom plugin for TinyMCE

SharpBtn My previous post was about awesome code syntax highlighter JS library I have converted into extension for BlogEngine and no so awesome button I’ve added to TinyMCE to insert code snippets. Let’s make it better by building custom plugin that will let us select language and enter actual code in the pop-up window eliminating messing up with TinyMCE editor itself. More...

Syntax Highlighter extension for BlogEngine


There are several implementations of this extension for BlogEngine, but I wanted it to work with latest JS library and be more configurable. And also I wanted it play well with TinyMCE - yes, it might come as a shock but some people don't use Windows Live Writer. I don't know why... So, if you go through usual routine downloading and moving files to corresponding location (you’ll need to overwrite couple) this is what you’ll get. More...

Blacklist added to Commentor


Some people complain about Akismet not killing spam as effectively as they would like or hope. I think Akismet doing fine job identifying spam bots, but recently a lot of it coming from real people trying to make a little extra money, and those are challenging to deal with. Sometimes I get totally valid comment and the only odd thing about it is that guy’s name is “buy cheap watches” or something like it. It is tough to filter out programmatically. Probably, the best solution for a moment is similar counter-move when people tired of spam come together and create list of known spammers so that spam blocking applications can use it. More...

IIS 7 – Who is running the show?


When you run ASP.NET site in Visual Studio things generally tend to work. It usually when you try to deploy it to live server when you get into trouble. This is why I wasn’t surprised when after setting up little continuous integration server my application that ran perfectly well in VS broke apart on local IIS 7. I went to IIS console and double-checked application settings and write permissions. Along with Network Service I gave access to ASPNET account, because IIS keeps changing identity and I felt lazy to figure out what account it uses in this particular case. More...

Using ELMAH with BlogEngine.NET


Few days ago I’ve noticed that “error.aspx” becomes quite popular destination on my site. What’s going on? I never run into errors, how do I know what others do to break in? Elmah to the rescue! This little utility specifically designed to run in the background and record any ASP.NET errors so you can review them later at your convenience. If you interested how it all works, check out this excellent article on MSDN, it goes in depth explaining technical details. I’ll focus here on how to set it up with BlogEngine (or any ASP.NET web forms application to that matter). More...