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Picasa and PrettyPhoto updated for BlogEngine.NET 2.0

picasaextlogoI have updated Picasa extension for BlogEngine.NET 2.0. If you haven’t use it before, take a look at instructions here, the way it works didn’t change much. I made it better match new admin UI, but functionality stays very much the same. More...

Picasa with HighSlide

HighSlide If you are using Picasa extension I published while back you might want to take a look at another choice and try to use HighSlide JavaScript library instead of the LightBox. Just take a look at this post by Radim Boušek and get it there along with instructions. I’ve never herd about HighSlide before, but it seems like a nice thumbnail viewer with Ajax support and more options, so give it a try.

Picasa for BlogEngine

There is new extension in town. It is built on Picasa SlideShow, but it adds web album functionality to it, this is why I decided to package it as separate extension. After all, it is not a slide-show any more, not just SlideShow at least, so I did not want name to cause a confusion. I also bundled it with LightBox – it uses it to transform thumbnails into larger pictures. It is optional, and if you opt to, you can ignore LightBox files when coping extension to your blog. Installation process is basically the same, you just copy files to corresponding locations and then go to Extensions/Edit section. More...

Picasa SlideShow for BlogEngine

picasa-5 I'm a long time Picasa fan. I used it before it was bought by Google and even before I new what the Google is. Now at version 3.0, although not as popular as Flickr, Picasa is a great choice as desktop photo manager and it's Web Albums is a valuable online photo storage. Web albums itself is nice classy web application with pretty good flash slide show. You can even get a code to embed slide show (or photo) into your own blog, which works great for occasional use, but can be daunting if you plan regular photo posts. More...