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Bootstrap List Pager

Bootstrap provides nice lists to display all kind of items your website might need. It is very useful, and because it meant to show just few items it is not paged. Problem is, sometimes I do need it paged. For most cases, it can be just a few rows, but for some it can grow in few dozens. Not hundreds, that would mean you need a grid, but still having dozens rows would make UI look really ugly. For these cases, I would want paged list kind of like one on the right in this picture. More...

Jcarousel extension for BlogEngine

This new extension for BlogEngine will let you save images for multiple albums and display any album in carousel-like fashion in your posts and pages using jCarousel plugin for jQuery. It is light-weight and pretty easy to use. I reused code from NivoSlider as foundation, making few improvements and adding ability to create thumbnail images on the fly. You install it from dnbegallery.org and access extension UI under admin/appearance where you should see "Jcarousel" in the menu list in the right side-bar. There you can upload images. To display album on the page as in this post, you add "CAROUSEL:AlbumName" to the post, substituting quotes with square brackets. More...

Optimizing ASP.NET Page Load Time

Let's start by creating new empty ASP.NET website and adding Default.aspx with minimal “hello world” markup. When you access your site and check it with profiler, you’ll see single get request for default page. More...

dfMarine - updated

dfmrn-1 The dfMarine theme has been updated with sliding widgets. No, I did not become a [w:jQuery] expert just yet - it is mostly courtesy of Chris Blankenship, I used his AnimatedCollapse extension and it did the job exactly the way I wanted. I did run into problem with [W:jQuery] using “$” function, it has a conflict with other JS I run on my site where this same thing used a little bit differently. But it was easy enough to ask jQuery switch to using “$j” instead, so that conflict was happily resolved. More...

Transforming unsorted list into CSS horizontal menu

Lately I’ve been working on the new cool theme for BlogEngine that I’m going to share with community. One of the tasks is to let it be more content oriented, which is a bit different then other themes. Basically, it comes down to having good navigation menu that will allow you to utilize stand-alone pages in BlogEngine to its full potential. Currently, you have a choice to make page a “child” of the other page so that pages do have hierarchy and can be nested into the tree-like structure. It just not rendered by BlogEngine this way, at least not right now. To make it happen I used code published on the BlogEngine forum, just making a few changes to fit my needs. This is a simple control that looks inside core library and renders all BlogEngine pages into unsorted list. Then, you can just add it to your theme and here you have it: More...

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