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Using BlogEngine.NET 2.0 with .NET 4.0 framework

BlogEngine 2.0 is .NET 3.5 application, but you can use it with .NET framework 4.0 with little effort by compiling source code as .NET 4.0 assembly. You can do it with free Visual Web Developer Express 2010 which can be downloaded as stand alone or installed with MS web platform installer, whichever you prefer. Here is short walk through. More...

How to migrate to IIS 7 on GoDaddy


This post more accurately should’ve been called "how NOT to migrate to IIS 7". To migrate from IIS 6 to IIS 7 on GoDaddy all you need is to push "upgrade to IIS 7" button in the control panel. Sweet, right? Actually, this is the last thing you want to do. Because once you done it, your site goes down right away and your new shiny IIS 7 site will come up in... well, not sure yet. In my case, it is 5 days and counting. More...

To host or not to host?

Running public web site from your basement is unprofessional. I know that. For a couple years I'm running my own internet facing toy server at home as a sandbox project. Let me tell you - I'm still working on that 99.99999% uptime. 5-6 times a year my house loosing power, sometimes it comes back right away but it doesn't matter - server is going down and patiently awaiting me coming back from work. This alone means realistically 40-50 hours downtime a year. Sometimes it looks like my ISP goes down, too (may be he also running from the basement?) and I have to reset router to be able to connect again. Yet dependency on external DNS (I use DYNDns). And don't forget that you'll need to maintain it, patch, upgrade software, install new stuff with many-many reboots when you counting it year long. All that put together, and you got totally unreliable site that is constantly, chronically down. More...