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Commentor – new version

ctor-4 After using Commentor for almost three month now, I’m refreshing it with new version based on users feedback and my own experience. It saved me a lot of time so far catching almost 200 spam comments that I would have to remove manually otherwise. Even though I’m very satisfied with how it works, I hope new and improved version will be much better. Here is some of the key features that has been added or changed. More...

Post Pager Control

ppger-3When you have lots of pages on your blog, moving through using just “next” and “previous” buttons doesn’t cut it. It seems like a small thing, but if you look at most sophisticated web 2.0-style sites with large volume of content, they all go into the long way to provide good navigation. Because it is important for your users to feel good, and some get really dizzy when they don’t understand where they are. I made this control to provide such a post navigation for BlogEngine blogs. The best way to understand how it works is to take a look at the picture below. More...