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The Failure of Communication

Explaining is hard. Things that seem crystal clear to you can be completely foreign to others, and when I started planning on Blogifier, concept looked very natural and not even worth explanation. Seriously, the whole “architectural” diagram would look something like this – web application (Blogifier) using component (Blogifier.Core) to encapsulate common blogging functionality.

Nothing hard about it, right? Wrong, I bump into people over and over telling me they have no idea what I’m trying to accomplish. Different people. Smart people. To make things worse, the Core component did a good job pretending to be an application on its own – it has sample app that only needed for testing, but people took it and ran away.

I’m hoping to fix this miscommunication soon. We just released Blogifier.Core 1.2, and this will hopefully be the last “Core” to worry about. Moving forward, this will be what it was supposed to be all along – just a component like jQuery or Bootstrap so you can build your application on top of it.

The application we are building is Blogifier. That is, just “Blogifier”, without “Core”. It is, accidently, a blog. It references Core so it does not have to deal with all the common plumbing, like database, services, APIs and so on. We going to add all the bells and whistles to make it fun modern application everyone would love and wanted to use. It will run on Windows or Linux, have install and, later, in-place upgrade to the latest version. The work just started, but we already have code repository integrated with demo site, so if you are interested in progress and want to make your opinion heard please follow the trail.

Hope this clears things a little bit, if not – don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

Blogifier Release 1.1

It took just a few weeks to move Blogifier to release 1.1. Although changes are mostly cosmetic, it adds some really nice polishing touches to core functionality and significantly improves UX. Check out below what exactly was added in this new version. More...

Blogifier 1.0 has been released

It took way too long but finally Blogifier.Core 1.0 has been released to the world! It means, two brand new packages popped up in the Nuget.org and, if you search on "blogifier" it should return page looking similar to this: More...

Introducing the Blogifier

I've been playing with this idea for a while now, trying different approaches, building proof of concept samples, throwing them away and starting over. Here is scenario I going after: your client asks you to build web application and, when you done, there is a little extra - "can you also add a blog to our website please? The PR people say it might come in handy and we want our product managers to engage by posting news etc. Shouldn't be too hard, right?" Well, you can add Wordpress or alike and call it a day, but what if they want it truly integrated, not another external application but part of website you just built? That would be a challenge. For example, here is 21 step (!) guide on integrating BlogEngine.Net into your application. And this is a challenge I was trying to tackle by creating Blogifier. More...