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SMTP with GoDaddy

That is amazing how easy it is to fix any problem as soon as it gets to the status of the ex-problem. After I found the way to make my email work on GoDaddy with their Form Mailer, I took another look at SMTP and sure enough all peaces readily fall into place. Here is step-by-step instruction on how to setup and use SMTP with GoDaddy – the way God intended. More...

Make GoDaddy to send your mail

Remember those lazy days when you could kick your trustworthy CDONTS mail messages from anywhere inside juicy spaghetti code and it just worked? Well, those days are over. Even 1.x’s System.Web.Mail – also not a brainier to use – is outdated and big no-no our days.

Now we supposed to use [W:SMTP]. And sometimes this beast just refuses to cooperate. Complete showstopper. I’m not a quitter, but I’m not going to spend countless hours googling around for the fix either (although, I admit, it is kind of addictive). So after short hunt, when first four or five “guaranteed” solutions did not work out I started looking for workaround. More...